Dental Clinic

FIRST DENT 4KIDS Clinic has specialized dentists, well prepared in pedodontics. If you will make an appointment your child will be treated at the highest standards of pedodontic dental care available in our clinic.

During the first appointment, our doctors will discuss about the health feed, about the oral hygiene and about other useful and necessary oral instructions. Our goal is to make our patients have healthy gums, healthy teeth and an amazing smile.

Our staff will help the children use the dental floss, they will also help them choose the right tooth brush and how to use it in order to perform an accurate tooth brushing. At the end of the first appointment your child would have already done a complete dental exam, which includes the dental record, the orthodontic record and the periodontal one. At the end of every session your children will be awarded with a little trip to the playground specially created for them.

In order to promote preventive dentistry, our team offers seminars for parents not only at our clinic but at schools or kindergartners too. During these classes the informations discussed are about prophylaxis, dental care and healthy nourishment.

In the environment created by our clinic your child will feel no fear when it comes to doctors, and we are sure that he will come relaxed at the dentistry clinic, seeing the dental check as a game. The dentists that work in our clinic will also discuss with the parents about dental care, healthy feed and about other important dental subjects that should be known by everybody who wants a beautiful and healthy smile.

Last but not least, in our clinic children with special needs will be well received. Please, make the appointments in the morning, when your child is rested.